Therapy Services

therapy for anxious achievers, millennial women + couples

Individual Therapy

I work with clients in short- and long-term therapy to address various issues, using individualized, research-based, treatment approaches.

I typically meet with clients on a weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) basis to explore their concerns, learn how to cope with difficulties, determine changes they want to make, and gain insight into repetitive patterns that keep them feeling stuck.

Since a strong alliance between client and therapist is key for therapy to be effective, I aim to create a safe, trusting atmosphere where we can talk about even the most painful parts of our experiences.

Supervision +
Consultation Services

Clinical supervision and/or consultation is available for both licensed and pre-licensed therapists. I especially enjoy working with those needing support around early career issues, building a successful private practice, working with high-achieving individuals, and navigating Imposter Syndrome.

It is important to note that I emphasize relational, culturally-sensitive, and developmentally appropriate approaches in both supervision and consultation contexts.

I can also provide ongoing professional consultation services and workshops to students, educational institutions, and parents.

Clients have included: Bay Area BlendEd Consortium, Harvard-Westlake Wellness Summit, Collin College Student Support Retreat

Couples + Relationship Counseling

I bring a multidisciplinary approach to the field of relational intelligence.

The modern ideology of love is compelling. Never have we expected more from our intimate relationships,
and never have we crumbled under the weight of so many expectations.

I can say, undoubtedly, couples therapy is the hardest type of counseling to be in and to practice. In my work as a psychotherapist, I see entrenched patterns, deep longings, loneliness in the presence of another, contempt, withholding physical touch; so many couples come to me way beyond their due date. Every day is a commitment and a choice to master the art of relationship therapy. I continually study Gottman, neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness, and psychodrama.

I think of couples as mini political systems. One of the pulls between people is often around power, and power struggles often work defensively to mask other issues that people have trouble surfacing and other kinds of vulnerabilities, but the power struggles can be very real. They can be organized around gender politics, or class, race — there are all sorts of ways we organize our power struggles and they can become very entrenched.


Couples often come when they’re in crisis, but I also have couples that I’ve seen for years that are not coming from any crisis, but are coming because the way people live nowadays makes it hard to carve out space to reflect and live an examined life together. Some people come just for a little bit for crisis intervention and then do the work at home privately. Some people stay for a while, and some people see it as an integral part of living an integrated and whole life, consciously together.


"I get significant value from our time spent together."

I appreciate Priya’s proactive and tangible approach! It is nice to know with my own investment into the work I can actually see progress and reverse patterns in fewer than four sessions.”


"This is the best therapist I have had in 20+ years of therapy."

Priya has helped me with self discovery, acceptance, and dealing with all the bullshit from my childhood.”


"Priya Singhvi at Meaningful Minds is literally THE person for supervision."

She’s so knowledgeable in the field, and her business skills are unmatched. You truly get the most for your money— graduated with loads of tools from her that I still use. She can also help you network the area for jobs!


"Therapy with Priya sparks cranial fireworks!"

Even after a decade of introspection, I find our time together not only practical but transformative. She invites me to think more deeply, get curious about my cognitions, welcome all my feelings to the table, and be more awake.


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